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Workshop: Cyber Security and Privacy

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Dark Moto Studio hosted me to deliver a two days workshop in the field of Cyber Security and Privacy, between 12 - 13 of December 2015 in Verona, Italy.


Day 1:

What is cyber security and how the hackers think (4 hours)

  1. Introduction to cyber security and privacy
  2. Attacking phases:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining/Expending Access
  • Covering Tracks
  1. Most common types of attacks
  • What is attack
  • What is vulnerability
  • What is exploit
  1. Demo of DoS/DDoS attack

Day 2:

How to secure yourself using open source tools (4 hours)

  1. Social Engineering and Social Networking manipulation
  2. Secure browsing and firewalls
  3. E-mail and Instant Messaging – Chat security
  4. Setting up Security Wireless connection and network
  5. Secure your smart phones

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