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Beer & Code #40: Drupal - winner in CMS security race

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Take a look at my understanding for a Drupal security approach. Drinking beer and giving presentation why Drupal for me is a winner when it comes in CMS (Content Management System) security.

I have used WordPress for several years, however soon as I got introduced to Drupal from my earlier colleague and a good friend I started to love it. It took me a several week to get to know the way how Drupal works, and the modules = plugins, views, content, etc. Soon as I've seen how easy is the setup, management and maintenance I felt in love from the first sight. Since then I will never switch to anther dynamic CMS solution unless is a static one, such as Pelican.

Anyway sorry for any inconvenience but the video is available only in Macedonian language. However the presentation (html) format in the archive file below is in English version.

Feel free to give any comments below or suggestions to improve the presentation.



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Presentation: Drupal - winner in CMS security race.