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Secrets for eavesdropping -

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

In September I have joined the academic team for writing a blog about public interest topics and actual situation in Macedonia - [ResPublica]( My particular role is writing about policy and security concerns in IT and activists point of view.

Anyhow, for October release I've published an blog about the wiretapping scandals in Macedonia, Balkans and elsewhere. Such topic is very attractive due to the wiretapping release of recording (i.e. bombs) from the opposition party.

Needless, following post is written in Macedonian language and it is available at Тајните за прислушкувањето and Фактор, where English version translated with google translator is Secrets for eavesdropping.

And finally live TV interview on TOP Tema at Telma TV in Macedonian language discussion about wiretapping scandal in Macedonia.

Video Link.