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National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Introduction to CyberSecurity

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

[American Corner Skopje]( target="_blank") hosted an event regarding the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, 28 of October 2015, held my Mr. David Panuel an Information Management Officer from US Embassy in Skopje.

Mr. Panuel delivered the presentation regarding the three main key awareness aspects about cyber security in general, such as:

  • Cyber Security definitions

  • Internet of Things - IoT and

  • Information Assurance

Additionally he emphasized the three ways to attacks that are available today, for example:

  1. Overloading attacks

  2. Data Manipulation attacks and

  3. Data Acquisition attacks

Where in the end he presented for each of the above attacks an example scenarios that have occurred recently in US and elsewhere. Moreover, he highlighted the attacks such as Firesale attack known from the movie Live Free or Die Hard from 2007, which is a three-stage systematic attack on a national computer and critical infrastructure, also known as "Everything must go". In addition, he mentioned the wardriving attacks which is constituted by act of searching free hotspots Wi-Fi wireless networks and trying to eavesdrop and collect personal information from the others connected to the network. And finally he noted the US attack in 2013 on OPM site and several other example that have occurred by today.

Participant on the event were more or less students from IT relevant study fields, NGO's and people interested in the cyber security topic.