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Introduction course to Cyber Security

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

YES Incubator in collaboration with have organized one-day introduction course of cyber security, on 09 of February 2013. Whereby the participants have learned and have been introduced to the terminology, possible most common attacks, vulnerabilities, as well as exploitation of IT systems. In addition, we had a work-shop with beforehand prepared scenarios.

The agenda of the course was as below:

  • Cyber security vs. IT security

  • Types of attacks

  • Types of vulnerabilities

  • Types of exploitation

  • Work-shop: Red, White and Blue teams

The attendance to the course was 20 people, which in fact surprises me in a very good way. The group was with various of majors, for instance from the youngest elementary school, students in engineering to IT specialises in financial sector, as well as future start-ups e-commerce/e-shops companies.

Turning to a near future we will prepare a courses with more in-depth work-shops and more technical. Likewise, getting hands dirty, by hacking, attacking virtual machines, as well as performing countermeasures. Throughout virtualiazed environment attacks and exploitations, etc.

Hopefully that the above course has raised the awareness level of IT security importance.

To have a better picture and understanding what we have covered on the training we have provided you with the presentation below and picture gallery.