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Interview for Azerbaijani news: “The punishment for criticizing the social networks is unacceptable” (Russian & Azerbaijani) – Dzhasur Sumerinli

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Predrag Tasevski, founder of – Source, Зеркало.

Recently I was interviewed in "Camp in Plav – Montenegro with Young, Smart and Enthusiast people – REACT 2013 Montenegro" – Montenegro by a journalist from Azerbaijan, Dzhasur Sumerinli. The article is published in Russian and Azerbaijani language in Zerkalo. (Зеркало in English means Mirror – Information – analytical, socio – political resource). Therefore please either you can use Google Translator or Bing Translator to translate the content of the interview.

Also I would like to share the note that the journalist did a very good job, by highlighting the important statement made during the interview: “Filtering in social networks have to carry people, not the Government.” – Predrag Tasevski, August 2013, Plav.

Russian original text source link.

Azerbaijani version of text source is on the following link.

For those who do not speak or read Russian, please follow the below links:

Google translated version

Moreover, this interview was published in other Azerbaijani news paper and media: