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Learning to adapt: From Python puzzles to Next.js adventures.

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Hello, I'm back.

Long time, no chat! So, here's the scoop: I've been using Pelican Python CMS for years and haven't been able to make more post. You can blame Python upgrades, dependencies, and the GitHub pages tango. The terminal commands became my sidekick, and honestly, I felt like I needed a cheat code.

But you know what they say about change, right? It's inevitable! I took a leap of faith and started Unicis.Tech, my latest side project. This time, I didn't use Python; I used React and Java instead. Next.js is the GitHub rock star of site generators. I don't mean to criticize Python, but it's like dancing slowly, and sometimes you need to move faster and secure.

It wasn't easy to move all my posts to the Tailwind Next.js theme. Python played its part since 2014, but what about Next.js? It took center stage.

Next.js is great, but how about using GitHub deployments? It was, undoubtedly, a puzzle. A month of coding later, and what did I get? Smooth sailing.

Now that the tech excitement is over, it's time to tell you the truth. I am currently immersed in the Unicis.Tech side project rollercoaster, presenting the triumphs, the missteps, and the novel features. Oh, and did I mention? You can finally leave your thoughts in the comments! I would like to turn this into a tech hangout by pressing the link bellow Load Comments, thanks to

And here's the surprise: it's a party that cares about privacy first! There are no sneaky analytics here, just GoatCounter doing its low-key things.

Get ready for a techy story, startup sagas, and code chaos. I'm looking forward to sharing stories with everyone.

Cheers, Predrag