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Security Risk Assessment, PenTest Magazine IS Risk Assessment PT A&S 08/12

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Publication article in PenTest Magazine, in theme ofIS Risk Assessment PT 08/12

How to measure and to be aware of the Risk Assessment element as part of Risk Management in the field of cyber security

by Predrag Tasevski

Many organizations – both public and private – nowadays, have implemented and developed their own security risk assessment template tool. The main goal for the template is first to analyse work-flow, then to identify the assets, threat sources and vulnerabilities.

You can download a sample from the following link of IS Risk Assessment post, or for furthermore information please refer to the IS Risk Assessment PT A&S 08/12

My article is on the page number 70. Additionally, I would kindly like to thank the PenTest Magazine enthusiasm and the professionalism for inviting me as a freelance author.