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Podcasts for: Security, Startup, learning German and whatever

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

Since I started jogging, I've noticed one change in myself: I've been more active when it comes to podcast listening. While I have done it previously, I have never had the time to listen to one for more than 15 minutes. Before going to sleep, I used to listen to them, and frankly, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. But now that I run on a regular schedule, I typically listen to podcasts, especially on Sundays when I have a long run planned. Here are a few podcasts I listen to when running on Sundays, organized by category.

Naturally, the list below does not include all of the podcasts I have subscribed to, but it does include some of the ones that have kept me coming back to them and giving them repeated listens.

Here is a list organized by subject.

Cybersecurity and Privacy






German language - language learning