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Interview: StartCast – Bringing you the most promising StartUps

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

This month we are very happy to present you an broadcast interview for new project – StartCast. This project main goal is to present and promoting startups from elsewhere. With in this in mind we are very happy and thankful for selecting our company as first interviews Macedonia company –

Moreover, this is not only interview to present and to promote our company, nor our services. Likewise, we share point of views in legal aspects in Europe, where more emphasis is on Balkans. Another, notion is stress to the question why I have done it and not in working for an big corporations. Meantime, of my studies, also we highlight the future research that I'm working on. And of course, the most important part is the team and the atmosphere in which our company works. Last but not least, we share the way how we pursue and introduce our business and services to customers.

Link for audio interview: CYBERSECURITY.MK – PREDRAG – StartCasth.cyber