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Research Paper: Macedonian Path Towards Cybersecurity

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    Predrag TASEVSKI


Information and communication technologies in Macedonia have experienced a phenomenal growth throughout the last decades, which has had a tremendous impact on governmental services’ presence in the Internet, as well as on everyday life. Against this background, technologies-based growth introduces new risks and threats to the cyber domain in the country. To respond to those challenges the Macedonian government is pursing the establishment of a national authority to react to cyber attacks that occur, or a Computer Incident Response Team – MKD-CIRT, and the adoption of a National Cybersecurity Strategy. However, it should be taken into account that such tasks are neither easy nor simple. There are several issues that should be considered, for instance: the improvement of the measures for protection of information systems and of the critical infrastructure; the legal and policy framework; the international approach; and the formation of a cybersecurity culture, to name but a few. Simultaneously, considering that Macedonia is a candidate for accession to the EU and NATO, it has to comply with their standards when performing the reforms in the cybersecurity field. The current article briefly introduces the country’s steps towards cybersecurity, provides an analysis of the legal, policy and institutional progress achieved, and suggests recommendations that should be considered to ensure safer, secure, trustworthy and resilient cyber space in the country.

Link for full paper (download): Procon LTD, In Information & Security: An International Journal. Vol. 32., In Press

Keywords: Macedonia, cyber, establishment, MKD-CIRT, strategy, security, national security