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First time Lenovo, hopefully for sure the last time

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

I have got the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330 one year ago. It was my first time experience with Lenovo. Previous experience was with HP, and in fact I’m sure that I do not want to get into it, as well as even to remember it or even to mention it. Anyhow, coming back to the Thinkpad, at the first I just fall in love with the keyboard as well as with the red mouse pad, also the solid structure and the black color. Like they always say laptop for the underground/hacking and indeed nerd people, as me.

Unfortunately, recent event or I might say events made me to write this post, where usually I do not write this kind of content to share. However, let me start from the begging to least event as follows.

First event occurred after four months where suddenly after watching the movie the left or the right speaker stopped working. I was not aware of this occurrence so I have continue to use the laptop, for music and for any thing of course. But after one or to week the laptop was mute. Just one note that I was only using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Linux, so I thought that it might happened while I was updating and upgrading the kernel and the drivers. After one week of troubleshooting, with forums, ubuntu ask, kernel FAQ, finally we came to conclusion in IRC channel of ubuntu that this might be the hardware problem. So I took the laptop to the support service where I actually both it. The support was very friendly and of course they did understand my problem. They have even try in front of me, but with no sound at all. Meanwhile, while I was there we also spotted smudge on the corner of the display. Ok, perfect, I’m already there so let us fix it two in one. Due to the missing parts of display the support guy just manage to order only the speakers, and he told me to give him a call in one month to order the display as well. Usually Lenovo alloweds one part per month to be changed, nevertheless better something than nothing. After the speakers fixing issue the engineer told me that the plastic where the speakers where it was kind of malted. Surprisingly, I did not know what to say, I was listening music and loud as anyone else. Nevertheless, this problem was fixed.

After one month I have called him to order display and in 7 days hi send me an email to bring the laptop to change it. Perfect, lets do it! Finally I have got the new display installed without any spots. So I asked the guy how it did happened, was there kind of damage or something else. His response was very clear during the assembling of the parts, putting them in order they most probably scratch the display on the back. Uhhh, this can happened, of course, but why to me. Either I just have bad luck or I’m just not too good with technology. Last but not least, some how after few months the spot appeared again, almost on the same place. Uffffff…, not again…

Final problem just happened today, while I was at school writing homework and of course working on the research paper, the battery went out. So I plug the laptop into the desk at school, but somehow does not charge at all. Yes, so my charger is death or maybe the entire laptop too. Just one note, before you start wandering how I did write this post, simple it is on the blackberry tablet. Thank you blackberry for such a great present. Coming back, as some of you currently know I’m outside of where I purchased the laptop, so this adds plus effort to find a support or service for Lenovo in France. Being honest, the entire site of Lenovo is with really bed information, and also does not helps you how you should proceed with this problem. First thing that came into my mind is to check if I still have the warranty. After struggling of typing the information through smart phone, I see that the warranty of the laptop just expired one day ago. Nice, uhuuu, I’m so bloody lucky. In the few days, I will just need to get use to the tablet, as well as smart phone.

In conclusion, I just want to emphasis why Lenovo will be my first and of course my last laptop, or even any hardware from Lenovo, because of the above occurrence. Also, like we usually say, the giant manufactures are always producing products to expire after the warranty. So indeed, Lenovo you are doing a hell of a good job. Hopefully if you continuous in this path you will end of hell of a unsatisfied customers like me.

Sorry Lenovo for writing such a bed words about your production, but please put yourself into my shoes and position. I’m hell out frustruated. Of course I’m sick of buying laptop every year. Nevertheless, from know one I should start searching for right one, to fall in love. If you have any suggestions please share them below.