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ISOC Fundamentals - ISOC Serbia Belgrade Chapter Webinar

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    Predrag TASEVSKI

This year I took a participation on Internet Society Fundamentals program 2021, where each participant could sing up in one or more topics. I sign up for several topics through ISOC Serbia Belgrade Chapter. Unfortunately there is no ISOC N. Macedonian chapter. Together with the ISOC Serbia Belgrade Chapter we decided to go with a webinar and a workshop that will tackle several Fundamentals program 2021 topics - catalog.

The webinar and the workshop was held on 25. June 2021 remotely. For more info please visit the Internet društvo Srbije, Beogradski ogranak, održao vebinar sa ISOC Fundamentals.

On the webinar I presented the following topics:

  1. Basic encryption and why is it important
  2. Basic how to secure webserver using open standards
  3. How to build security by default and privacy by default infrastructure
  4. Building a bridge between N.Macedonia and Serbia privacy and security community networks.
  5. Workshop

Please see the slides.

One of the outcome is to set up an ISOC Macedonian chapter in near future - ISOC-MKD.