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ICSAP – Interactive Cyber Security Awareness Program

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    Predrag TASEVSKI


Currently, humans coupled with the socio-technical aspect can be either the strongest or the weakest link in any information security system, and the key in security lies in delivering awareness training through short and effective online videos, whereby the participator can gain knowledge on security. Our aim, therefore, is to develop innovative solutions to deliver an interactive cyber security awareness program, where the main goal is to enhance information on security awareness and knowledge in organizations, schools, nations, homes etc. The syllabus consists of a systematic approach divided into three sections. The introduction is a basic level course (BASIC), with the aim of delivering an elementary curriculum in physical security, computer and mobile; network and Internet security to everyone. It is made up of several units with interactive training videos that last less than 10 minutes each. The second course (ADVANCE) is the advanced program which demonstrates the attacking phases, different attacking methods and the countermeasures that highlight the anatomy of Advance Persistence Threats (APT). This curriculum is intended for administrators, help desk personnel, information technology professionals among others. The last course (MANAGEMENT) is intended for managers, where we annotate two decision-making processes with their cycle loop. Moreover, after each unit there is a questionnaire, which measures the knowledge of each participant, and compares it to the base-line survey carried out during the registration process. As a result, it represents the participant’s awareness level and knowledge, and will assist in further actions if necessary. By implementing this program in private and public organizations, governments, schools and universities will lead to the improvement of security in the everyday use of computers, mobile phones, online banking, social networking_ both at home and in the workplace. The present study addresses and implements the IT security issue. We will apply the results by carrying out the syllabus, with the latest improvements, in universities and private organizations. Consequently by applying these further improvements to the syllabus, it will meet the needs of the cyber security field.

Keywords: cyber security, human factor, socio-technical, awareness, program