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I can hack your FB, can you catch me...

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    Predrag TASEVSKI


In the context of Surf Safe campaign in Macedonia to raise awareness about the mind, responsible and safe use of the Internet, and close acquaintance with threats and ways of prevention and detection. FINKI in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior in Macedonia and organized hour practical training on topic “I can hack your Facebook, can You catch me…”, aimed at introducing the possibilities of hacking social networks sites, how you can find and discover burglar and how to protect yourself in the future. The training was held on May 10 at 13:30 pm in the amphitheater of TMF. The training was free and open to all interested. Trainers of this training were: Predrag Tasevski founder and Katerina Jovanovska head of Department of Information and criminal investigations in the area of criminal technique in Ministry of Interiors in Macedonia.

Moreover, during the presentation I have introduce the participant how easy and simple is to pass the second verification of Trusted contacts in Facebook. For more information please refer to the next paragraph the presentation. Due to the copyrights and leaking of information I’m unable to share the presentation of Department of information and criminal investigation in Macedonia. Thank you for your understanding. Also many thanks to the Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska for wonderful introduction and being present to the training.

Also the purpose of this training was to boost the awareness and of course interest to the students for future training that will be provided by and FINKI university to their students and also to the government and private agencies.