I increased my outdoor running during the COVID-19 session. Not that I didn't do it before, but I wasn't doing it as frequently, especially in terrible weather. I began running when Corona, the gruesome pandemic, struck us all and shut down the gym. Running has become an addiction for me, so I continue to run and dedicate myself to yearly objectives and challenges. Additionally, I began using the proverb more frequently, "Running is my drag, cooking is my yoga."

Here are my annual goals from the previous year and the medals I earned.

Running results per participation


Date Location Distance Title Time Pace
27.09.2020 Berlin (virtual) 5k Berlin Break-the-Wall Run 24m 55s 4:58 / km


Date Location Distance Title Time Pace
23.05.2021 Athens, Greece (virtual) 10k Grace of Nice marathon 2021 48m 17s 4:49 / km
05.06.2021 Polygyros, Greece (virtua) 10k Pride Day Run 47m 04s 4:42 / km


Date Location Distance Title Time Pace
03.04.2022 Berlin, Germany 21k Generali Berlin Half Marathon 2022 1h 43m 23s 4:50 / km
18.09.2022 Copenhagen, Denmark 21k Copenhagen Half Marathon 2022 1h 40m 44s 4:46 / km

2023 Challenge

  • Edinburgh, Scotland, Half-marathon, 28.05.2023
  • Valencia, Spain, Marathon, 03.12.2023

Running results calendar

Year Hours Km Runs
2020 34 334.9 60
2021 170 1,934.6 199
2022 188 2,116.8 216

For the 2023 year, goals are at least 2,200 km.

Life style changes

I've given up wearing deodorant and smoking for good during the past two years. I feel more healthier and more energised now. Where you can infer it from the aforementioned annual outcomes. I've decided to make it one of my goals for 2023 to write more and read more. Monthly minimum of 1 blog post on my personal page, on subjects like cuisine, cybersecurity, data privacy, and many other topics. Stay tuned!

"Running 🏃🏻‍♂️ is my drug 💊, cooking 👨🏻‍🍳 is my yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️"