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September 2012

Founder Notes:

Recently, Macedonian government has announced to open a CERT agency. This news was not only shock to us, but to everyone else, indeed. However, we are supporting this initiative and hope that will be able to elaborate and corporate within organization.

Macedonian situation in a field of information and cyber security is not on very surprising or signification level. Therefore our main goal is to increase and merge the collaboration with neighbour countries as well as with international organizations and agencies.

Moreover, our belief lies that we will be able to bring better understanding of very important issues that concern information and cyber security, and to lead to better national awareness.

In this matter, our company will continue to expend the partnership as well as international collaboration. We will constantly checking for updates for existing solutions, also to search for new solutions to update our offerings and services. And further development of our projects.

In this brochure we would like to introduce you with our company profile, such as, our services, partners, clients, projects and our blog posts.

Link to PDF version of the brochure is on the following link: