Past Talks

  • Hate Speech on Internet, November 2012, Hate speech on Internet, delivering educational terminology, classification, and how to report hate speech on Internet.
  • ACTA - ACTIVE CITIZENS TAKE ACTION, Maribor, Slovenia. 14 th -17 th March 2013. Presenting topic: Bullying of digital divide or not?
  • Belgrade Security Forum 2013, Belgrade, Serbia. 19 – 21 September. Topic: Assuring Cyber-Security in the Western Balkans and the Rest of Europe: Roles and Responsibilities of Institutions, Industry and Users? (in cooperation with DCAF).
  • Smart Defense and Open – Door Policy – New Synergies for Euro – Atlantic Security, Sofia, Bulgaria. 27 November 2013. Topic: Collective Cyber Defence – The Role of Newer Members and Opportunities for Specialization of Bulgaria in the Alliance Questions and answers. Organized by representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.
  • Methodological Approach to Security Awareness, Kaspersky - CyberSecurity for the Next Generation 2014, EU Round. 11–12 December 2013, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
  • NATO ARW, Strengthening Cyber Defense for Critical Infrastructure, 30-31 Oct 2014, Kiev, Ukraine. Presented topic: Standards for Information Security are inappropriate fashion to assess the risk in private companies and elsewhere.
  • DCAF Young Faces Network 2014. Young Faces Network Cybersecurity Winter School for the Western Balkans. Petnica, Serbia, 1 to 5 December 2014. Delivering lectures on two topics: How the Internet works and Introduction to cybersecurity threats and risks.
  • NATO ARW (ISEG.EAP.ARW.984799), Encouraging Cyber Security Awareness in the Balkans, presenting: Cyber security awareness among the Balkan Countries and the rest of the world, 17-19 March 2015, Skopje, Macedonia.
  • Geneva Internet Platform (GIP): Fighting Cybercrime through closer International Cooperation, presenting in Cybersecurity Lab
  • Internet governance in Bangkok, presenting DoS/DDoS attacks at Cybersecurity Lab, August 2015.
  • TEDxBASSalon topic Open Data & the Hacking Movement, 24 September at Business Academy Smilevski, Skopje
  • Mobile Security and privacy workshop. Freedom not Fear 2015. 19th October 2015, Skopje Macedonia. Link.
  • Cyber.Lab and video scenario, OSCE Chairmanship Event on Effective Strategies to Cyber/ICT Security Threats. 29-30 October 2015, Belgrade Serbia.
  • Cyber.Lab, DiploFoundation at 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council. 3-4 December 2015. Belgrade, Serbia. Link: 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council .
  • Cyber security and privacy workshop in Verona Italy by Dark Moto Studio. 12-13 of December 2015, Venue: Dark Moto Studio. More info: Link Facebook Event Page and Dark Moto Studio workshop page.
  • Beer & Code #40: Drupal - winner in CMS security race, 11 February 2016, hour: 20:00 - 23:00, Road House, Skopje.
  • Cyber Research Exercise - CYREX 2016, February 26, 2016; Plovdiv University Paisii Helendarski, Bulgaria.
  • Start-up Academy, Topic: Security aspects of starting a e-business, 04-06 March 2016 Kratovo, Macedonia.
  • On-line Winter School: Cybersecurity for South-Eastern Europe, 22 February 2016.
  • ABA ROLI Regional E&E Internet Freedom Summit. Oct. 26-30, 2016. Ohrid. Macedonia.
  • NATO ARW, Health Security: Benchmarking Best Practices in Telemedicine for Eastern European NATO Members. 15th until 17th November, 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia.
  • SEEDIG - South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance. 24 - 25 May 2017. Ohrid, Maceodnia. Presenting: Mobile security and pentesting.
  • SECOND REGIONAL INTERNET FREEDOM SUMMIT, AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION RULE OF LAW INITIATIVE’S (ABA ROLI’S). Development and Enhancement of Legal Frameworks in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to Protect Internet Freedom Program. 21 - 25 March, Struga, Macedonia. Presenting: Cybersecurity Challenges for 2018.

Future Talks

  • Free and Safe in Cyberspace. EU Edition 2018, 4th May 2018, Berlin, Germany.
  • 4TH SEEDIG MEETING, 23–24 MAY 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Session 5: Securing all data. Cybersecurity: National frameworks and regional cooperation.